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Hospitality Industry

Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Bilbao area.

As the largest port town in Spain, Bilbao is highly industrialized, and its downtown area is dense with office buildings, skyscrapers and perpetual construction. Bilbao is famous for its Pamplona running, as bulls charge through the streets to their holding pens from which they will emerge later that day to fight in the bullring. Basque cuisine, which relies heavily on the fish and seafood that are native to the Bay of Biscay, and on local produce cooked just to the perfect degree (“el punto”), is respected throughout the world. La Rioja wine from the Ebro River Valley has been popular since before the Romans flourished. Basque natives speak the local Euskera dialect, which together with the unique gastronomy, climate and proximity to the sea, create a cultural identity and vibrant atmosphere unlike any other region in Spain.

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· Greater Bilbao · Oviedo
Lodging in Greater Bilbao, Spain’s biggest port and sixth largest city. Bilbao is probably best known now for its spectacular Guggenheim Museum. Sondica Airport (BIO) is located 7 miles North of Bilbao. Lodging options in Oviedo, located in the centre of Asturias, provides easy access to the entire province. This area also includes the cities of Aviles, Gijon and Norena.
· Pamplona · Santander
Lodging options located in the town of Pamplona, host to one of the country’s most famous events, the Running of the Bulls. lodging options located in the Santander area. Though not a particularly large city, most of the shops, businesses, services and tourist attractions can be found in the center of this elongated city.
· San Sebastian    
Lodging options located in the Basque Country of Northern Spain in San Sebastian, one of Spain’s most glamorous cities. The people of San Sebastian are known to indulge in up to six meals a day.  

Area Facts: Bilbainos, as the residents of Bilbao are called, enjoy meeting regularly in small, private groups, called txokos, to enjoy the unique cuisine of the Basque region. The international dialing code for Spain is 34.

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